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Web applications

Internet solutions

Usual "web design" is not sufficient to meet all requirements for up-to-date complex modern web sites. We adapt content management systems (CMS) and integrate this software into existing or newly created design templates.

  • webdesign in cooperation with graphic designers or advertising agencies (providing technical implementation)
  • implementation of your corporate design and integration into a CMS
  • implementation of specific safety requirements and redundant (fail-safe) systems
  • we provide hosting for your websites, domain registration, registration in search engines, etc.

Intranet Solutions

Internet standard technologies are usable within corporate networks as well. Advantages of Intranet applications are

  • sophisticated technology, robustness independent of different operating systems
  • no special licencing or software installation required for workstations ( "plug & play" behaviour), only minimal hardware requirements
  • access from the internet can be achieved safely and fast

disadvantages are mainly:

  • user interface design is more difficult, i.e. for very complex input forms - higher programming expenses possible
  • operation of an internal webserver is needed
  • reports, interfacing with office applications is more difficult

The decision for intranet solutions depends on application requirements, we will advise you gladly.

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