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Database Solutions

Our offer in the field of database solutions:

  • Web based database solutions in JSP, PHP or CGI/Perl
  • Database analysis and functionalities
  • Analyzing business processes and rules in relation to: system behaviour, reporting, interfaces
  • User concepts, interaction, authentication systems, access rules, applications and data input, design according to user requirements
  • Data modelling, database architecture
  • Import of existing data, interfaces to external systems, analysis of the actual system state
  • Reporting modules, mail merge/printing of labels, mass mailings
  • Project management: implementation, testing, installation, test operation (in parallel with existing systems), operation and maintenance, training, documentation
  • Remote management, support, customer specific extensions

Why databases

Data management activities are often solved quick-and-dirty by MS-Excel spreadsheets. This approach is quirky, of course depending on the type of problem, frequency of data reads and updates.  This "quick solution" (despite rudimentary support in Excel) is not designed for processing shared simultanous user access. Above a certain number of users too much additional effort for data maintenance and retrieval has to be taken into account.

Disadvantages are:

  • high effort for mapping of complex relationships
  • mutual locking in multi-user access
  • lack of protection against erroneous and access violations
  • data updates cannot be logged reliably

Advantages of modern database systems are:

  • in relational data models even complex business workflows are manageable
  • multi-user requests are generally allowed, concurrent data modifications are under control of the database system
  • sophisticated authorization systems (e.g. role concepts) protect databases against unwanted changes
  • reliable logging of data changes in detail
  • erroneous data input is reduced to a minimum (development task)
  • using professional database systems consistency of data is guaranteed even in the case of computer crashes (transaction security, see Oracle, SQL Server, Firebird)
  • large range of stable and efficient databases in the field of commercial and open-source software available

Higher one-time investment costs (development of the system) are compensated by short payoff periods. We will gladly advise you on this issue.

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